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Our Smart HOSPITAL System provides Integrated System for Hospital and clinics. Starting from Front End for Registration, both for ONLINE and “KIOSK” Registration, up to Back End which integrate Medical Module and Supporting Module.

For REGISTRATION System, we provide:
1. Whatssapp Registration System
2. Android Mobile Apps Registration

For Medical System, we provide:
1. e-Medical Record, Inpatient, Outpatient, Polyclinic, e-Radiolog, Laboratorium, Emergency Unit System
2. e-Nursing, e-Nutrition, e-Resep, Laundry, NIC-NOC Module.

For Supporting System, we provide:
1. Finance Module: Billing, Accounting, Bridging BPJS, V-Claim Single Entry, Vendor Management System
2. HR Module: HRIS, Scheduling Management System, Payroll

Our integrated module, can increase the profitability of hospital because of:
1. Service Improvement which affect to the increase of handled patient.
2. Monimizing the opportunity loss by delivering more solution on nutrition, drugs, etc